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0002186: squid can not cache openvpn traffic - MantisBT
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0002186Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-09-22 14:472009-10-27 11:59
intel x86OpenBSD4.5
0002186: squid can not cache openvpn traffic
squid can`t cache openvpn user traffic
must add additional iptable rules in rc.firewall
(redirect traffic to proxy server)
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2009-09-22 19:03   
setredirect does not substitute "VPN" to vpn interfaces:

iptables -t nat -A PROXIES -s 0/0 -d 0/0 -p tcp --dport 80 -i VPN -m state --state NEW -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix 'PROXIES:HTTP-PROXY:-'
iptables -t nat -A PROXIES -s 0/0 -d 0/0 -p tcp --dport 80 -i VPN -j DNAT --to-destination