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0000022: Can't connect to German ISP Kamp with PPPoE T-DSL, the sign % within the userid is changed in / - MantisBT
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0000022Endian FirewallSecuritypublic2006-09-11 14:272011-09-11 12:45
Embedded Server VIA C3EFW/Linux2.0
0000022: Can't connect to German ISP Kamp with PPPoE T-DSL, the sign % within the userid is changed in /
The username demand a sign % (e.g. something like that: kdsl/d21099%kamp-dsl). The sign % within the userid is changed in /. So the login to kamp-dsl doesn´t work.
Try with any userid and password from Kamp and the login doesn´t work.
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2006-09-11 23:09   
try to set username via ssh manually with:

nano /var/efw/uplinks/main/settings
vi /var/efw/uplinks/main/settings

change line:

maybe this will help, cant test it.
2006-09-12 11:04   
(edited on: 2006-09-13 07:10)
Thank you pixeldoc for your response. I have looked in var/efw/uplinks/main/settings, the username is correct set.

But in etc/ppp/pap-secrets and etc/ppp/chap-secrets no username and no password (only if I try with Kamp-parameter. E.g. 1und1 works correct and I can see the userid and password in this files). Also I found in etc/ppp/peers/main is no username set when I try with Kamp-parameter, e.g. 1und1 is the username set. If I set the username (Kamp-parameter) manually, the username is deleted after update the connection status with the efw interface.

2006-09-12 11:06   
My 1. statement “The sign % within the userid is changed in /” is not correct.
2006-09-13 21:19   

i found the part which caused the problem

edit /etc/rc.d/ and search for "readhash"
this function reads out the efw settings files, but accepts only some defined characters within the settingsfile variables. the % sign will not be accepted.
add it somewhere to the VARCHARS variable

or replace the line

then it should work
at least the config files chap-secrets, pap-secrets and the peers file will be created correctly.
2006-09-14 09:03   
many thanks to peter !!!!!!
It works.
2006-09-14 17:22   
thank you for testing, i added the fix to our source tree
2011-09-11 12:45   
(edited on: 2011-09-11 12:47)
Hi Peter,

I just had exactly the same issue with PAP authentication while using a PPPoE password that included a "!" character.

Adding "!" to the parameters of VARCHARS in /etc/rc.d/ did the trick, too. Right after saving the file, endian went online.

(Endian Version 2.4.1)