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0002203: I have no log for Contentfilter - MantisBT
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0002203Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-09-24 13:562009-10-27 11:59
0002203: I have no log for Contentfilter
The content filter work ok but I have no log for it.
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2009-09-24 14:00   
can you check if logging is enabled at proxy ->http -> configuration -> Log Settings

there Enable logging and Contentfilter logging need to be checked
2009-09-24 17:04   
Yes, Contentfilter logging is checked
 [X] Log contentfiltering

Right after I install efw 2.3rc1 the file /var/log/dansguardian/access.log wa missing. I make this file. Still nothing.
2009-09-25 15:23   
Same problem content filter works log does not.
2009-09-25 16:30   
no GUI script set's DANSGUARDIAN_LOGGING to 'on', even if it will be enabled in proxyconfig.cgi, it will not be written to /var/efw/dansguardian/settings

2009-09-28 10:38   
quickfix: remove line DANSGUARDIAN_LOGGING=off from /var/efw/dansguardian/default/settings restartdansguardian and now logging should be working

DANSGUARDIAN_LOGGING is set and read from /var/efw/proxy/settings