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0002226: Partition /var/log is too small - MantisBT
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0002226Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2009-09-29 13:072009-09-29 14:45
0002226: Partition /var/log is too small
Partition /var/log is too small.
After 3 day /var/log is full and HTTP proxy -> stop.
After I free some space the proxy starts.

 * Hardware information
CPU 1 92%
Memory 69% 724 MB
Swap 0% 200 MB
Main disk 41% 936 MB
Data disk 5% 17 GB
/var/efw 6% 99 MB
/var/log 100% 296 MB

As a quick fix how can I resize /var/log ?
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duplicate of 0002176closed peter-endian partition sizes are fixed to NON-RAID and a small size and not calculated during installation 
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