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0000224: Email proxy not passing through - MantisBT
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0000224Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2007-07-18 15:222008-02-02 07:28
0000224: Email proxy not passing through
I currently am having issues when I enable pop3 proxy. If I go to the Pop3 then the spam tab and enable the proz option then all mail stop processing with Outlook and Outlook exspress. If I uncheck the option Outlook recieves mail but very slowly. Last night it took 4-5 minutes to recieve less than 300KB of mail. As long as proy is on at all Mac mail does not not recieve mail, it does go through the process but it doesnt pull down mail or give an error.

( Dell 1.8Gh, 512MB ram, 40GB hard drive, onboard 3com card “green”, and a Netgear FA310TX r2 “red”. This box connects to a Dell 16 port switch which feed random PC’s and 1 Mac. I do have a wireless router but it is connected to the switch and is set to access mode with NAT turned off.
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child of 0000514closed peter-endian POP Proxy: some client requires the pop TOP command 
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2007-07-18 15:24   
(edited on: 2007-07-19 17:33)
I am using the latest Endian firewall build.

2007-07-27 01:44   
Look slike OE and OL has worked itself out but the problem lies with the Mac mail app. So at this point if you have Max os 10.4 and mail this should fail.
2007-08-06 14:48   
Are you using Endian Firewall 2.1.2?
Please tell us which options of the pop proxy are enabled.
2007-08-06 16:00   
(edited on: 2007-08-19 20:37)
I am using 2.1.2, and as for Which options I have all the options on the first tab on and the one option from the spam tab set active. Sorry for the brief answer as I am at work. I do recall in an earlier posting I made to try and disable the proz feature(something close to that word) and I did try that disabling the feature on the second page, that did not resolve the issue. I also tried to only have just the transparent enable and that cuased teh problem.

Enabled on Green:Active
Virus scanner:Active
Spam filter:Active
Firewall logs outgoing connections:Active
Spam subject tag:(personal warning)
Required hits:5
Enable message digest spam detection (pyzor):Active

These are set active on the proxy pop3 page but here is what I status screen

Pyzor Spamfilter STOPPED
Spamfilter for POP3 (spamd) RUNNING
Spamfilter for SMTP (amavis) RUNNING
Virus scanner RUNNING

Looking for the command to run to pull the logs from the FW when Apple is attempting to recieve mail.

2007-10-14 18:13   
It looks as if the reason on why the mail stops working is becuase how the p3scan handles the TOP request. I had a few other FWs with this issue and one has resoved the problem.
2008-01-25 18:24   
enabled the TOP command
you can enable it by adding