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0002281: unmatched traffic seems exclusive - MantisBT
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0002281Endian FirewallQoSpublic2009-10-20 14:262010-09-24 16:13
0002281: unmatched traffic seems exclusive
I show an example which is easiest.

QoS enabled, there is no rules.
While I download an iso at the maximum bandwidth I've terrible latency in a normal ssh session between the same client and the firwall.

This effect has been noticed in a normal network usage too between two different clients.
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related to 0002414acknowledged  QoS not always working 
child of 0003045confirmed peter-endian TODO: QoS rework - QoS collecting ticket 
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probably due to the fact that there's currently no ingress limiting
2009-11-25 12:25   
needs only deploy