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0002300: Content Filter does not work - MantisBT
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0002300Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-10-27 19:502010-09-21 18:17
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0002300: Content Filter does not work
The content filter does not work the dansguardian starts but the blacklists have no effect.
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2009-10-29 16:27   
I search for the error but I found nothing the blacklists exist in /etc/dansguardian/blacklists but dansguardian ignores the blacklists largely and allows to pass itself sides although they blacklistet are and also to block are marked.
2009-10-29 16:42   
did you create a contentfilter profile and did you create an access policy which uses that contentfilter profile for filter profile.

also check if you have an access rule with higher priority which allows the access.

to test it is best to have only one access rule which uses the contentfilter profile (you could disable all other rules to test)
2009-10-29 16:53   
so this can also be closed?
2009-10-29 17:29   
(edited on: 2009-10-29 18:19)
No it can not closed, yes a have used the standart contentfilter profile and I used the the Standart access policy with filter using 'content1 and no other access rules exist I used the same configuration as with 2.3 Rc1 and there it has functioned.The filter seems to be work but not correctly at example at I have an Input from the blacklist but even not all and at it show all the ads from sites although they blacklistet.

//edit/ Can this be the Dansguardian simply the Ips any more cannot determine because sees just most Domains stand as an Ip address in the Blacklist?

@Peter this problem also exists after a new installation where no backup I was played in specially everything has made new once more.

I have tested it again the user-defined black and whitelist works but there it also does not seem to be taken over with the first one sometimes.But the Blacklisten do not function at all, for example, stands in the Spyware Blacklist also on block, however, it was put I can access, nevertheless, easily the side.

2009-10-30 21:32   
(edited on: 2009-10-30 22:55)
I found the problem the url blacklists works but dansguardian ignores the domain blacklists and this is a very big problem.

/edit/ I found the problem the endian config write the blacklist url entries to /etc/dansguardian/profiles/1/bannedurllist but not the domains entries to /etc/dansguardian/profiles/1/bannedsitelist this file was empty I wrote my entries manually to the file now works the blacklisting.
The config also del by hand provided entries from bannedsitelist again as soon as a change in the profile I am made the problem has avoided first while I have changed the path for bannedsitelist in the conf files.

2009-11-03 17:21   
The problem is that when they add the option to custom whitelists and blacklists, they broke the non-custom blacklists.

The solution could be to edit the /usr/local/bin/ and change the lines 308 and 319:

Line 308: exceptionsitefile = open("/etc/dansguardian/profiles/%s/exceptionsitelist" % number, "w")
Line 319: bannedsitefile = open("/etc/dansguardian/profiles/%s/bannedsitelist" % number, "w")

Change the "w" to "a". That will append custom site lists instead of overwriting them.
2009-11-05 16:41   
I've just confirmed this bug. With a 2.3 new installation non-custom blacklist don't work.

Solution commented by mrkroket works.
2009-11-26 18:23   
now custom blacklist does not overwrite the entries of bannedsitelist anymore