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0000236: endian-firewall can be rebooted from console without password - MantisBT
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0000236Endian FirewallSecuritypublic2007-08-06 15:022007-12-31 19:15
0000236: endian-firewall can be rebooted from console without password
the efw can be rebooted from the console just by pressing "2" and the "y" key.

A reboot should only be possible after password-authentication.

Of course, console-access should be prohibited by the admin, but reboot by a password ;-)

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2007-10-27 20:30   
This possibility has been removed within version 2.2 *for now*, as well as password reset.

However it's no good solution either, since now there is no possibility to reset the password if a user forgot it.

On the other hand, if someone was able to connect to the console in order to start the reboot process it also has the possibility to reboot just by stripping the power cord.