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0000238: Spamfilter training service config does not retain folder names if it's enclosed within "" - MantisBT
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0000238Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2007-08-07 15:082008-09-10 16:03
0000238: Spamfilter training service config does not retain folder names if it's enclosed within ""
This is with EFW Community v2.12.

I have configured the Spamfilter IMAP Training service to check two public folders on my Exchange Server for Spam and Ham mail.

To access these folders via IMAP, they must be refered to using "Public Folders/LearnAs_Spam" and "Public Folders/LearnAs_Not-Spam". The "" must be included in the folder configuration as there is a Space in the folder name ("Public Folders").

This seems to work fine, however, when you go to edit the configuration the folder settings are erased so you must retype in the folder name and path before saving the configuration.

Folder names which do not include "" do not get erased.

This is easily reproduced by using, for example. "spam" and ham for the folder names in a test configuration. Click Save. Then edit that connection.

I am attaching a screengrab which illustrates this.
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jpg spamtraining.jpg (151,063) 2007-08-07 15:08
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thank'si will check it