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0002380: DHCP server don't start if you have a paratemer in "Custom Configuration Lines" that has double quotes (") - MantisBT
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0002380Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2009-11-05 10:362010-11-22 12:04
0002380: DHCP server don't start if you have a paratemer in "Custom Configuration Lines" that has double quotes (")
If "Custom configuration lines" in dhcpserver has a parameter with double quotes, dhcp server start fails. I was trying to add this option:

option tftp-server-name "";

... but when a click save all, dhcp server start fails. Entering in
configuration files, I've found the problem. When efw save "Custom
configuration lines" textarea data, in configuration file
(/var/efw/dhcp/custom.tpl) is saves:

option tftp-server-name &quot192.168.1.23";

... instead of...

option tftp-server-name "";

... so dhcpserver don't understand the line and can't start.
I've been analyzing /home/httpd/cgi-bin/dhcp.cgi and I've been unable to
find where the hell it makes the conversion from " to " (maybe in
the POST data).

What I've done to solve it is to make a string substitution before data
is written to the file, changing this (in /home/httpd/cgi-bin/dhcp.cgi)...

    $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'} =~ s/\r//; # LINE 472
    write_file($custom_global_file, $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'});
    $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'} = unset;
    &writehash("${swroot}/dhcp/settings", \%dhcpsettings);

...for this...

    $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'} =~ s/\r//; # LINE 472
    $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'} =~
s/\&quot\;/\"/g; # This is the line that
substitute " for ", so configuration file gets the right data.
    write_file($custom_global_file, $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'});
    $dhcpsettings{'CUSTOM_GLOBAL'} = unset;
    &writehash("${swroot}/dhcp/settings", \%dhcpsettings);

It works, but I'm not sure if this is the best solution. I think it
should be better if there's a way to avoid that original data of "Custom
configuration lines" textarea was changed for html entities. In 2.2.
version this didn't happen, and I've been compairing dhcp.cgi files of
both version, but I can't find the issue.
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duplicate of 0002314closed simon-endian DHCP fails start with CUSTOM DHCP-Option Field used 
duplicate of 0002190closed simon-endian Using quotes in "Custom configuration lines" boxes are translated to """ in config file. 
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2009-11-05 11:16   
Correction, it saves...

option tftp-server-name ""

... instead of...

option tftp-server-name ""
2009-11-05 11:19   
Sorry, but bug tracker is interpreting html entities. It saves (i hope now is ok):

option tftp-server-name \"\"
2009-11-05 11:20   

option tftp-server-name ";
2009-11-05 11:24   
please try patch located in 0002190, which fixes this problem