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0000239: Wrong connection is highlighted when it fails the connection test - MantisBT
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0000239Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2007-08-08 08:292009-11-25 17:46
0000239: Wrong connection is highlighted when it fails the connection test
With EFW Community 2.12.

When you have more than one connection configured in the Spamfilter Training Service, the first connection will be highlighted as failed should any of the connections below fail the connection test.

To reproduce:

Create two connections. The first one should be correct and working. The second one should be incorrect and non working.

Click on the test connection icon next to the non-working connection. The X should appear next to the non-working connection however, it doesn't. It appears next to the working connection.

If you click the Test All Connections button, the Tick appears next to the working connection (correct) but nothing appears next to the non-working one. I assume this is incorrect?
Attached is a screengrab of this.

btw. I'm not sure why some of the icons seem to have a black background instead of white through ie. It works correctly through Firefox...
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jpg spamtraining2.jpg (111,038) 2007-08-08 08:29
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Actually, the Test All Connections button works fine. I just didn't have the non-working one active when I clicked the button.