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0002393: Havp service not running - MantisBT
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0002393Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2009-11-08 18:252010-11-22 12:04
closedunable to reproduce 
0002393: Havp service not running
Havp service not running at all.
No files blacklist and whitelist present in directory /var/efw/havp/ If make touch then havp start :)
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related to 0002397closed simon-endian Transparent Proxy 
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2009-11-26 18:34   
did you recover from a 2.2 backup?
can you confirm that /var/efw/havp/whitelist, /var/efw/havp/blacklist, /etc/havp/whitelist, /etc/havp/blacklist are not created? (remove them and then run and check if they where created)