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0002414: QoS not always working - MantisBT
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0002414Endian FirewallQoSpublic2009-11-13 09:172010-09-23 16:16
0002414: QoS not always working
I have the rules in the attachment that should do the following.

1. High Priority for Citrix through my IPSec tunnel (local to head office)
2. Medium Priority for Citrix Printers through my IPSec tunnel (from head office to local)
3. Low Priority (Bluk Traffic) for the rest who goes to RED.

Now sometimes, not at all, it could happens that my citrix session are very slow while a download from internet. First and Third Rule should prevent this!
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2009-11-25 12:32   
first of all, it is necessary to prioritize also the ipsec tunnel itself.
This rule prioritizes only the printer traffic within the tunnel, but if the uplink is saturated the printer has no priority above the rest of the traffic outside of the tunnel.

Rest maybe fixed with resolution of 0002281
2009-11-25 12:49   

Maybe i´m to stupid to understand that correctly.
Can you explain me that in german?
2009-11-25 14:00   
um traffic im ipsec tunnel zu priorisieren muss der ipsec tunnel selber auch priorisiert sein.
wenn der uplink durch irgendwelchen anderen traffic zugemüllt wird, sodass der ipsec tunnel zu wenig bandbreite kriegt hilft die priorisierung innerhalb des tunnels nichts.
priorisierung innerhalb des ipsec tunnels priorisiert nur im hinblick auf anderen traffic der im selben tunnel anfällt.
2009-11-25 15:07   
Thanks a lot.
Now its clear.

I will try it and give you a response