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0002474: Hotspot Account Editor cannot Login into Hotspot Administration on Appliance (Mini) 2.3. - MantisBT
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0002474Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-12-01 22:472010-11-22 12:04
0002474: Hotspot Account Editor cannot Login into Hotspot Administration on Appliance (Mini) 2.3.
The hotspot account editor cannot login into hotspot administration. An administrator can login, an account editor not. I´ve checked the password and user several times. No Login possible.
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2009-12-02 09:45   
with account editor it's possible to login only to
2009-12-02 14:38   
added link from hotspot.cgi to /manage/hotspot/account/infoedit, which is the only gui an hotspot account editor is able to view/use. This gui is most usefull to enable/disabled generated users and add additional information (firstname, lastname, country....) which is needed if you have printed prepaid cards of generated users and need to acquire additional information (for example because of the antitrerror law in italy) before the user is allowed to use your hotspot.