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0002550: Message on the gui for a new kernel installed - MantisBT
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0002550Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2009-12-16 14:102010-11-22 12:06
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0002550: Message on the gui for a new kernel installed
I've noticed that with the latest updates although a new kernel has been installed the user is not warned via gui that the system must be rebooted.

I remember it happened with 2.2
parent of 0002660closed  Kernel and Modules mismatch 
related to 0003355closed lorenzo-endian Reboot Required - Always on the dashboard 
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2009-12-19 04:11   
This has not been implemented within dashboard!

Dashboard should also display such a message (like the old main.cgi did), if /var/tmp/oldkernel does exist.

Please discuss with christian for scheduling and GUI positioning
2009-12-19 04:13   
i think it's more or less important. Otherwise people do not reboot after 2.3 updates and that causes some iptables things misbehave

migration will reboot automatically
2010-01-25 08:48   
If you don't reboot ipsec stop working because of a missing module:

FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory
2010-01-29 10:26   
I think this issue is also related to the kernel upgrade:

df -k
df: cannot read table of mounted filesystems: No such file or directory

It happened on two systems and after the reboot it was resolved.
2010-02-01 16:51   
df does not work anymore because the /etc/mtab link to /proc/mounts will be removed with the upgrade. the boot process creates a correct mtab file, so after reboot this is fixed.

it should not affect the kernel check script /usr/local/bin/, which understands if there was a kernel upgrade and creates a flag file in /var/tmp/oldkernel, if a reboot is necessary.

however, within the dashboard it's not implemented anymore to react upon that flag-file and display the boot message, so that's to fix whether upgrade does work or not.
2010-02-08 10:05   
Feb 5 10:10:20 efw-1259685155 ipsec_setup: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory
2010-02-08 15:48   
well ok.. this happens because a kernel upgrade need a reboot.
2010-02-15 04:06   
now dashboard shows kernel version and instead of the version a "reboot required" message, if /var/tmp/oldkernel exists