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0002562: Special Character in Password Change - MantisBT
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0002562Endian FirewallInput Validationpublic2009-12-17 21:462010-09-21 19:08
0002562: Special Character in Password Change
You cannot use an apostrophe in any password (Web,SSH,Dial) I am guessing due to the misinterpretation of it by the server-side scripts. Need to be aware of all special characters and account for them in the password change dialog page. Note the passwords are accepted if entered from the commmand line tools (passwd/htpasswd) but the web interface does not accept any passwords with apostrophe in it.
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2009-12-17 22:12   
The problem from what I can tell is that there are 2 things missing from the /etc/ppp/peers/<uplink> config file:

(1) There is no device listed no matter what is selected (Serial or USB -- /dev/tty.<xxx>) and looking at the setttings file in /var/efw/uplinks/<uplink> there is no "COMPORT=/dev/tty.<xxx>" and even if you manually add the line it doesn't get processed by the uplinksdaemon when it autogenerates the peers file

(2) The peers config file is also missing the reference to the chat script. It should have a line that is similar to following: connect "/usr/sbin/chat -f -v /etc/ppp/chat-<uplink>"