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0002582: Quality of Service > Rule > Destination port : "some error" - MantisBT
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0002582Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2009-12-24 11:372010-01-04 17:11
0002582: Quality of Service > Rule > Destination port : "some error"
I want to create the following QoS-rule :

Source : GREEN
Destination : Uplink main (high), IP
Service : All
Destination Port : 0:65535 (automatically filled in)
TOS : any

After applying "some error" appears next to the 'Destination Port'-box in red.

So how does one define a port range here ???

The default value that appears when selecting "service:all" does not work, so if this is meant as an example, it is a bad example.
Same issue when selecting "service:user defined".
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duplicate of 0002240closed simon-endian 2.3RC1: EMI/Quality of Service should not use int for portvaildation but a port validator and add 
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2009-12-30 21:15   
Googling for a solution to my problem of the port range only results in more of the same questions about being unable to add a port range in the "Quality of Service"-section.

When people want to define a range of 50 to 100 ports (like in a VoIP environment) it can't be the intention to define 1 port per line.
2010-01-04 17:11   
is fixed, will be released with 2.3 updates (2.3.1)