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0002644Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2010-01-28 14:282010-09-21 18:33
0002644: synchronization issues in endian.core.notification module
StatusFileMutex.__init__() removes the mutex file if it does already exist
StatusFile.close() removes the mutex file after releasing the lock.

what if another process (B) acquired a lock on the mutex file held by process A? That process stored already the filehandle and blocks until A releases. When process C removes the file, before acquire(), C can create a new file which is not more blocked by A. The file blocked by A is removed from the filesystem, but the filedescriptor is still open and A can write to it.

When A closes that filedescriptor, process B will be able to open it and continue operations on it. But that is not more the same file as we see in the filesystem.

In that case 2 processes with the same lockfile are running but only 1 lockfile is visible in filesystem.

That's no mutex
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