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0002681: Dashboard stats have wrong values - MantisBT
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0002681Endian FirewallGUIpublic2010-02-13 10:402010-11-22 12:08
0002681: Dashboard stats have wrong values
Statistics for the pop3 proxy in the dashboard are way too high.

Stats show for the last hour around 2000 received mails and for Today around 4000.

In reality there should only be about 5 per hour and max 50 per day.

related to 0002785closed peter-endian collectd unixsocket sometimes refueses connections 
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2010-02-15 14:20   
Same for smtp proxy
2010-02-18 20:44   
(edited on: 2010-02-19 17:53)
Found similar issue in memory usage.

Dashboard shows 26% RAM in use, on the status page shows 38% RAM in use.

Looks like the dashboard shows the +/- buffers/cache value instead of actual ram usage.

Similar to [^]



2010-03-16 08:56   
The pop counter on the dashboard are counting connections not e-mails.

Mar 15 16:17:25 efw-v2 p3scan[27016]: POP3 Connection from
Mar 15 16:17:25 efw-v2 p3scan[27016]: Real-server address is
Mar 15 16:17:25 efw-v2 p3scan[27016]: USER 'userxy'
Mar 15 16:17:27 efw-v2 p3scan[27016]: Session done (Clean Exit). Mails: 0 Bytes: 0

<Plugin "tail">
  <File "/var/log/messages">
    Instance "pop"
    Missingok "on"
      Regex "POP3 Connection from "
      DSType "CounterInc"
      Type "connections"
      Instance "request"
2010-03-16 10:09   
The values however seem too high even for counting the connections
2010-03-18 17:14   
well, the memory usage percentage on dashboard ans status.cgi differs because dashboard uses memory usage - cache/buffers, which is what really counts.

status.cgi shows both percentages. we should remove that on status.cgi, but that page will disappear anyway in future, so unsure if we really should touch that.
2010-03-18 17:19   
http proxy hit/miss will be double counted, since the connection passes twice
(squid -> havp -> dansguardian -> squid) which will double-log
2010-03-18 19:29   
HTTP Proxy 'virus found' counter appears twice, while filter-counter does not show up.
-> Wrong label and will be read out from wrong rrd file
2010-03-18 19:32   
POP Proxy:
p3scan does not log whether a virus or spam has been found or not, so we can eliminate those counters or need to patch p3scan
2010-03-19 17:11   
there's no possibility to filter away squid access from :(
i think we need to patch collectd in order to add a ExcludeRegEx
2010-03-19 20:42   
- fixed pop proxy virus regexp (which was completely wrong)
- changed pop3 counter to count scanned mails instead of connections

spam counter is still missing, needs the p3scan patch

the fetched values are still strange.
rrdtool images show 400M scanned mails when there were only about 1000, and found 800m virus, when it was 1 (ok this could be ok, due to the fact that it is a rate per second not an absolute value)
2010-03-22 15:37   
p3scan counts now also spam mails and displays them in dashboard
2010-03-22 15:38   
found a new issue: 0002785
2010-03-22 16:09   
and another one:
dashboard counter are counted *always* twice.

this is easily reproduceable:

logger -p -t squid <<EOF
Mar 19 15:24:55 UPLINKSTEST2 squid[3189]: 1269008695.976 134 \
TCP_MISS/200 1746 GET [^] - \
DIRECT/ image/gif

appears as 1, and then after a short time increases by another 1
same on p3scan counters

i think this is on every other counter, too

probably this is because we read multiple times witin the collectd 5 seconds interval where the data does not change.
so if already read out the same value will be read out a second time.

probably we need to check if the timestamp of the last read is older than the current timestamp and ignore if it is (?)
2010-03-22 22:37   
values counting twice is fixed
2010-03-22 23:10   
dansguardian counter is correct in collectd, but is always 0 on gui
2010-03-22 23:43   
dansguardian is ok now.

- http proxy values are all ok, last missing is "miss" which is counted twice (needs collectd patch)
- pop3 proxy values are also all ok now

smtp proxy:
- mails in queue is ok
- clean mail received is ok
- viruses found is ok
- mails received counts twice (from client and from amavis) (needs collectd
- mails blocked does work but is in fact mails rejected.. it is not virus
  or spam mails blocked -> rename it
2010-03-23 20:29   
- collectd patch is now ready
- smtp and proxy counters are ok now

last open things:
- collectd sometimes does not remove the socket file
- values sometimes are completely wrong (overflow?)
2010-03-26 15:15   
- unixsock patch is sent upstream
- values have now an upper limit as suggested by collectd mailinglist