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0002695: logsurfer produces high cpu load - MantisBT
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0002695Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2010-02-18 08:462010-02-18 10:47
0002695: logsurfer produces high cpu load
We have a 1,83ghz core 2 duo cpu and 2gb ram

If we enable http logging with transparent http proxy total http traffic will slow down and logsurfer produces a high cpu load with a average of 30 to 50 percent. If we enable "log user agents" and "query terms" the load increases to nearly 60 percent.

If we disable http logging it looks like http traffic is two times faster and maximum cpu load is at 10 percent.

This happens with only one client which generate http traffic. With more clients ( 5 or more) the cpu load goes to 70 percent..

Ist that normal for logsurfer ?
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yes, unfortunately this is normal behaviour of logsurfer, since has to apply a bunch of cpu intensive regular expression on *each* log message.

we fixed this, by pre-filtering on syslog-ng and passing only relevant log messages to logsurfer. will be included in 2.3.1

in the meantime there is no quick workaround for this than disabling logsurfer by setting
in /var/efw/logging/settings
followed with a;