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0002705: IPSEC (pluto) causes kernel panics - MantisBT
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0002705Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2010-02-21 14:162010-02-22 11:01
0002705: IPSEC (pluto) causes kernel panics
This crash is always reproducable, but perhaps only with the particular peers we have. Within seconds of an IPSEC tunnel coming up, there's a Kernel Panic and a 10 second delay before a reboot. If a peer is actively trying to connect, you have just a few seconds to log in and 'killall pluto' before the crash.

I have loaded Endian 2.3 on quite different hardware with the same results (an HP Proliant DL360G5 server). It may still be some common hardware but the 'killall pluto' that prevents the crash points at Openswan.

I am surprised there are not more reports of this issue, if anyone can give me a work-around I'd love to be able to stay with Endian 2.3.

I have run Endian 2.2 on the same hardware and had an IPSEC tunnel come up for about 15 minutes without a crash.
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