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0002734: SNAT: rules with IPSEC as source or destination device will be ignored - MantisBT
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0002734Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2010-03-01 12:082010-03-04 12:17
0002734: SNAT: rules with IPSEC as source or destination device will be ignored
because IPSEC does not explode to its devices but to ipsec+, which cannot be found in getAddressTable()

IPSEC must be exploded to every ipsec* devices and/or selection should allow to exactly choose which ipsec device should be used.
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related to 0000928assigned peter-endian firewalls: add possibility to select the different ipsec interfaces, not only ipsec in general 
child of 0002671confirmed peter-endian Qos Devices and Classes VPN IPSec 
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