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0002754: dansguardian and google images - MantisBT
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0002754Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2010-03-08 11:362010-06-07 13:46
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0002754: dansguardian and google images
We are seeing problems with dansguardian filtering of google images. If we go to and we enter any words, it gets filtered as pornography (even if it wasn't pornography).

For example, if we put the search word "recipe" in at we get: [^] F-8&sa=N&tab=wi *DENIED* Banned combination phrase found: (google, &safe=off) GET 39913 5 Pornography 1 403 text/html -

below is the URL which gives the above error: [^]

There is a whole discussion on this at [^] - it seems that its due to a change inthe google pages.

I worked out a workaround, but it requires manual edits. Can endian look at including this in the next update?

1. In the Content Filtering section of EFW, set Content Filter > Adult > Googlesearches to be allowed.

2. on the EFW command-line, edit the file /etc/dansguardian/phraselists/pornography/banned
so to comment out the line <google>,<&safe=off>
so the file looks like this:

#listcategory: "Pornography"

<family filter is off>,<altavista>,<search>
<SafeSearch is OFF>

There are two files which need to be modified, both have the same contents:

Place a hash at the start of these lines:
# <google>,<&safe=off>

And then add a line:
<SafeSearch is Off>

3. Restart the HTTP Proxy server. Note: restarting the efw will reset this file back to default.

With this solution, everything gets blocked if safesearch is off in google. Otherwise, searching is allowed, and efw filters after google has applied its filter to the displayed results.
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