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0002791: Change password not working - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0002791Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2010-03-23 12:292012-09-14 14:20
0002791: Change password not working
The script chpasswd.cgi have an error in line 29.
my $userdb = "$swroot/proxy/ncsauser";

This file in line 29 doesn't exist and the correct line should be "$swroot/proxy/ncsausers";
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2010-03-23 14:30   
layout is also broken BTW
2012-09-14 14:20   
I just tried now with 2.5 arm and works.
don't ask me why :D

PS: however some review should be done, and a link should be left in order to let the users where / what to change.