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0002796: exceeding openvpn users are dropped without errors - MantisBT
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0002796Endian FirewallOpenVPN Client and Serverpublic2010-03-23 15:482010-09-23 16:04
0002796: exceeding openvpn users are dropped without errors
If you choose an ip range for your openvpn users with 2 ip addresses the 3rd concurrent connection will be allowed without any error and you get no ip on the gui but instead you have an ip.

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png vpnclient.png (14,734) 2010-03-23 15:48

png vpn.png (71,397) 2010-03-23 15:48
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2010-03-24 12:06   
which ip do you have then?
can you please post
ipconfig /all ?
2010-09-23 15:54   
can you tell which ip you get?
is it the ip you get when a dhcp request fails?
2010-09-23 15:54   
i mean in the system.. or is that screenshot correct? and it really does assign an ip twice?
2010-09-23 16:04   
screenshots are correct see the uptime to understand which is the last one