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0002805: No possibility remark of the ip list in the firewall config. - MantisBT
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0002805Endian FirewallGUIpublic2010-03-30 06:072010-09-13 07:02
petr konderla 
petr konderla 
0002805: No possibility remark of the ip list in the firewall config.
Because in EFW 2.2 was this menu bit more simple there was option remark every ip which was wery useful.

Mayby this way is enough without huge rework: #myip #ip of bill gates
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duplicate of 0001157assigned  uplinks: give possibility to give names to additional ip addresses 
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petr konderla   
2010-06-21 06:29   
This is dirty but working/fast overriding. Don`t know if this is best way to do it, but this is enough for me.

To disable checking of the source ip in dnat, comment this:

# if (! is_ipaddress($item)) {
# push(@errormessages, _('Invalid source IP address "%s"', $item));
# }


Then keep eyes on SYNTAX: #Evelin`s ip #My external ip
petr konderla   
2010-09-13 07:02   
Sorry - syntax #myip
doesn`t works as I expect. ;-(

Add ip`s/names to hosts (network/Edit hosts) and use this names in firewall config instead. This works for me.