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0002809: smtp proxy needs configuration possibility to decide which subnets are local - MantisBT
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0002809Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2010-03-31 18:022010-09-24 09:03
0002809: smtp proxy needs configuration possibility to decide which subnets are local
smtp proxy right now calculates which subnets are local by including also routing configuration from openvpn and routing.

this is not always what one wants, since routed destination networks may also be non-local, if it is for example, or something big and external, which may sometimes be used with source routing

So we need something non that intelligent, i.e. only those subnets are considered local which the user configures

or add only obvious local subnets, don't add openvpn and routed networks, but add the possibility to do add them manually and add a checkbox "add all routed subnets"
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related to 0002808closed peter-endian routing editor should handle as a special case in order that it is not considered local subnet 
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2010-04-01 07:52   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 07:54)
I strongly agree
the best would be two text fields:
1) one with classical networks (green orange blue..) highlighted by default plus suggested networks (taken from vpns and routes) but not selected by default, the user with ctrl can enable them
2) the second could be an empty text field where the user add (one per line) other networks/ip to be considered as local network (this is often requested)

What do you think?

2010-04-01 07:57   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 08:02)
obviously should always be filtered from suggested networks!!!

Maybe there should be a warning near the second text field that a misconfiguration can set the firewall as open relay!