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0002817: Limit maxmimum number of emails shown in mail queue GUI - MantisBT
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0002817Endian FirewallGUIpublic2010-04-06 08:342010-09-24 09:03
0002817: Limit maxmimum number of emails shown in mail queue GUI
When there are a lot of emails in the mailqueue due to a problem with smtp the GUI can become unusable.

A few weeks a go I had a virus infection at a client site resulting in a machine spamming around 710000 emails.
Fortunately the smtp proxy was active so all spam was intercepted.

The infected machine was however submitting emails faster than the firewall could process.

This resulted in a mailqueue with 20000 items.
The GUI is unable to handle this and will become unusable when selecting mailqueue.

Instead of showing the mails it just sits there building up the screen, and it probably will get there with enough time.

I think it would be much more usable to just show the first 50-100 emails and just count the remaining items.


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