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0002819: Network setup failed - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0002819Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2010-04-06 14:572010-09-23 17:22
normalminorhave not tried
0002819: Network setup failed
tg3 device ethernet, not recognized.
Device "br0" does not exist, after reboot.

Equipament : HP Compaq 6005.
tg3 ethernet
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2010-04-07 06:05   
Same issue here. 2.3. On an intel D945GSEJT. Tried different NICs: Via and Realtek as well as multiple ports with the same results. Looks like the setup doesn't really finish and root and admin users are not created.
2010-06-07 11:03   
can you confirm that the installation finishes ok?

really sounds like installation is not finished for some reason.
can you check that and report back where installation stops and what you see on the 3rd console?
2010-09-23 17:22   
i suspended the ticket since there were no more answers