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0002847: QoS works but not by zone, demands IP - MantisBT
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0002847Endian FirewallQoSpublic2010-04-15 17:092010-09-20 17:24
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0002847: QoS works but not by zone, demands IP
My GREEN Network have IPs in the format If I configure the QoS putting Zone GREEN the QoS not works. However, if I configure the QoS changing GREEN by it works fine.

My configuration is

Device Uplink main
Upstream Bandwidth (kbit/s) 6000
Downstream Bandwidth (kbit/s) 6000

Uplink main - High Priority UPLINK:main 58% 100% 10
Uplink main - Medium Priority UPLINK:main 30% 100% 7
Uplink main - Low Priority UPLINK:main 10% 80% 4
Uplink main - Bulk Traffic UPLINK:main 2% 2% 2

Rules: <ANY> tcp+udp 80 Uplink main - High Priority <ANY> <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - High Priority <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - High Priority
<ANY> <ANY> tcp+udp 1194 Uplink main - High Priority <ANY> tcp+udp 2082
2095 Uplink main - Medium Priority <ANY> <ANY> 10443
3001 Uplink main - Medium Priority <ANY> <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - Bulk Traffic

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child of 0003045confirmed peter-endian TODO: QoS rework - QoS collecting ticket 
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2010-04-28 18:54   
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To prove my point. I have modify my configuration.

Interface: eth0 <ANY> <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - Bulk Traffic
GREEN (LAN) <ANY> <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - Bulk Traffic <ANY> <ANY> <ANY> Uplink main - Bulk Traffic

iptables -t mangle -L QOS_ETH1 -nv
Chain QOS_ETH1 (1 references)
    0 0 CLASSIFY all -- eth0 eth1 CLASSIFY set 34:5
    0 0 CLASSIFY all -- br0 eth1 CLASSIFY set 34:5
58049 4941K CLASSIFY all -- * eth1 CLASSIFY set 34:5

2010-05-04 16:57   
2010-05-04 20:02   
The Qos does not go in general and if only sporadically I have tried your test Configuration sometimes with myself with myself she does not go for it another rule went sometimes for the green interface.