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0002945: error message "unable to make root filesystem" - MantisBT
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0002945Endian FirewallHardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)public2010-05-29 16:012010-11-22 11:51
0002945: error message "unable to make root filesystem"
While installing Endian 2.4 error message "unable to make root filesystem" shows up.
- Language selection -> English
- Welcome page
- install -> yes
- no console
- "Partitioning disk ..."
- "Make root filesystem ..."
- error message "unable to make root filesystem"
Compaq ProLiant DL360 G3
Integrated Smart Array Controller ver 1.50
2 x 32 GB SCSI in RAID 1 configuration

The work around for Version 2.3...

mknod -m660 /dev/cciss/c0d0p5 b 104 5
mknod -m660 /dev/cciss/c0d0p6 b 104 6
mknod -m660 /dev/cciss/c0d0p7 b 104 7

...doesnt work.
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2010-06-07 09:00   
can you try to run

kudzu -p -c HD

on the 3rd console and post the result?

kudzu should find your controller

which iso did you use to install? please post the filename of the iso
2010-06-14 12:15   

i have exact the same problem on a HP DL360 G4p.

kudzu -p -c HD
class: HD
detached: 0
device: cciss/c0d0
desc: "Compaq RAID logical disk"

ISO filename: EFW-COMMUNITY-2.4-201005280528-RESPIN.iso
2010-06-14 13:16   
this is an issue within installer, which has been fixed
next iso release will solve for you. in the meantime you can install with 2.3 and upgrade using the upgrade routine