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0002962: can´t join if Pre-Win2k Domain differs from domain - MantisBT
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0002962Endian FirewallProxy - HTTPpublic2010-06-01 10:262010-06-07 08:48
0002962: can´t join if Pre-Win2k Domain differs from domain
if Pre-Win2k Domain name (netbios name) differs from domain
for example YEAHDOM (pre-win2k) and (domain)
join will fail because groupname in /etc/samba/winbind.conf needs to be YEAHDOM

we need to add an optional field for the pre-win2k/netbios name
not sure if join allways fails or just in certain configurations on the windows server side.
has duplicate 0002820confirmed simon-endian If NETBIOS name differs from domain name UTM is not able to join 
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