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0002966: admin password set - MantisBT
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0002966Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2010-06-02 20:022010-06-09 11:38
0002966: admin password set
I just did a clean install on a older dell 2400 that i use for dev's. Install went fine with one exception. After setting the password for the web admin account, i was not able to log into the dashboard. So thinking it was a typo, i did a reinstall just in case maybe a package was corrupted, etc. Samething happened even when I copied and pasted the password to set it. I had to run the following command to set the password correctly:

htpasswd /var/efw/auth/users admin

Now I am able to log into the dashboard

(this looks like it is a bug. Anyone else have this problem?)
posted here as well: [^]
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duplicate of 0002562confirmed  Special Character in Password Change 
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2010-06-07 07:49   

are you password containing characters like %!$

thank you
2010-06-08 17:47   
Yes I was. Can this be fixed so we can use characters containing %!$ to set passwords from the interface?
2010-06-09 11:38   
it's through and through the entire gui. we will fix that with the rewrite of the gui which is in progress