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0003004: warning messages in squid - MantisBT
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0003004Endian FirewallProxy - HTTPpublic2010-06-14 13:042010-07-05 16:55
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0003004: warning messages in squid
root@efw-cpt:~ # /etc/init.d/squid reload

2010/06/10 08:52:30| WARNING: '' is a subnetwork of

2010/06/10 08:52:30| WARNING: because of this '' is
ignored to keep splay tree searching predictable

2010/06/10 08:52:30| WARNING: You should probably remove
'' from the ACL named 'from_green'

I noticed that it adds the subnet to green_subnets.acl once and then if you
reload it again it adds it again but no more than twice. It doesn't seem to
be having an affect on browsing as squid ignores the 2nd entry, but it just
complains about the 2nd entry if you reload the squid service from the
command line. There is also a spelling mistake in /etc/squid/squid.conf, the
comment for # network-acls, acl all # seams... (should be seems).
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