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0003011Endian FirewallProxy - HTTPpublic2010-06-15 13:452010-11-22 12:08
0003011: open file
If i go to my browser want´s to open a file and i got this message:

<% response.redirect("" [^]) %>

HTTP Proxy transparent on GREEN
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2010-06-15 14:28   
this is ASP code which normally should executed on server-side rather than sent to the browser.
so you should better contact microsoft since one of their webserver seems to have problems.
2010-06-15 14:35   
If i do not cache in http proxy the website will open correct.

So it have to do something with squid. It looks like the similar problem for WSUS Updateserver with enabled http proxy.
2010-06-15 14:35   
But anyway.

I will close this "bug"