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0003023: BDC does not work anymore - MantisBT
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0003023Endian FirewallProxy - HTTPpublic2010-06-22 10:032010-09-24 15:21
0003023: BDC does not work anymore
if a bdc is configured exits with a traceback

after fixing the winbind.conf manually and putting the pdc down for testing the bdc, wbinfo does not respond.

the problem is the /etc/krb5.conf file, where [realms] need a kdc= line for each password server instead of specifying them with a space-separated list.
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2010-06-24 08:45   
still does not really work..

if there's a PDC and a BDC, winbindd contacts always only one of them. if that DC goes down, winbindd does not try with the other DC, but gets an error.

If in that situation winbindd will be restarted it uses the other working DC and so it continues working