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0003030: Turning on FTP Proxy blocks FTP downloads via Browser like IE or FF - MantisBT
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0003030Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2010-06-26 08:492011-03-14 10:53
0003030: Turning on FTP Proxy blocks FTP downloads via Browser like IE or FF
I use a transparent Http-Proxy. Port 21 is in the List of Ports. All works fine. As soon as i turn on the FTP-Proxy i can not download data via ftp from my Web-Browser. This was tested with IE, Firefox and Safari.

Is there a config issue? I see traffic in the Logs of the Firewall. Seems like there is some redirection working and that the ftp connection is talking to the FW and is using it but the connection doesen´t seem to work.

Best regards

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2010-06-26 08:53   
I know this issue allready exist but it was not yet reported for 2.4.
2011-03-09 15:57   
hi mschwenk,

I have tried this now and it works for me...

Is the problem still there?

Thanks for a feedback

2011-03-09 16:59   
yes it is. I updated on the last week as well in my company my Macro x1 to 2,4 and we have same issue there.
Same at home with a 2.4.1 Community.

I use as well transparent Proxy. I did not setup any FW Rule when turning on Frox. I just tested again and tried to download an Debian Image from a mirror.
As soon as i turn on Frox I´m even not able to connect to the parent directory. I get an 425.

If you need logs or conf-files let me know. I can provide these.

2011-03-14 10:53   
Hi mschwenk,

let me summarize the scenario:

- your client is in the GREEN zone
- the FTP server is in the RED zone
- you have transparent HTTP proxy enabled

Then, with FTP proxy disabled:
- it works with browsers
- it works with FTP client (eg: FileZilla)

When the FTP proxy is turned on:
- it does not work with browser
- it works with FTP client (eg: FileZilla)

Am I right?

Moreover, how do you configure your browser?

Thanks in advance