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0003081: Endian Firewall sends icmp redirects - MantisBT
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0003081Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2010-07-22 14:142010-11-22 11:51
0003081: Endian Firewall sends icmp redirects
The following configuration causes the Endian to send icmp-redirects:
1. traffic enters the Endian Firewall from networ A
2. the Endians default gateway G is located in network A
3. the traffic is destined to network B behind gateway W

This is bad because
1. if icmp redirects are accepted, the Endian Firewall is bypassed for the affected traffic.
a) Meaning that the affected traffic is longer being inspected.
b) Meaning that in case the Endian is used for IP-masquerading (NAT), the affected traffic is no longer being NATed, interrupting connectivity.
2. icmp redirects are not always honored by the client meaning traffic patterns become somewhat unpredictable.
In our network setup, an Endian Appliance is supposed to NAT and inspect traffic to external destinations for clients with private IP-addresses.

          | Gateway W |
+--------+ | +-----------+
| Endian |------+-------| Gateway A |---------some clients
+--------+ n | +-----------+
              e | +-----------+
              t +-------| Gateway B |---------some other clients
              w | +-----------+
              o | +-----------+
              r +-------| Gateway C |---------way more clients
              k | +-----------+
                | +-----------+
              A +-------| Gateway D |---------here be dragons
                | +-----------+

We think this behaviour was introduced as an intended fix for bug 0001515. However we consider it to be just an ugly workaround as it doesn't really fix the problem in all cases, and instead the ill advised network setup in the referenced bug report should be changed.
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related to 0001515closed peter-endian zonefw: --state NEW check blocks communication to clients behind a router due to triangle connection 
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