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0003119: IPSEC VPN block the system when IPS is enabled - MantisBT
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0003119Endian FirewallIntrusion Preventionpublic2010-08-17 19:352011-02-10 14:13
0003119: IPSEC VPN block the system when IPS is enabled
When I created a site to site IPSEC vpn, the system is blocked and I have restart the system. The VPN is open but when I am sending traffic through the vpn the system endian is completely blocked.

 I have create VPN to FORTINET and ENDIAN 2.3, 2.4 and 25 user lisence and always the same problem.

if I only do ping the system is stable but if I send web traffic as RDP or WEB GUI the system is down.


child of 0001935confirmed peter-endian issues to fix with ipsec (openswan) 
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2010-08-17 22:50   
I tried disabling the IPS module and the vpn working properly. I think this happens when I have the IPS enabled.
2010-08-18 16:07   
Yes is a fact, The IPSEC VPN block the system when the IPS module is enable (UP).

This is for all version!!!