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0003135: OpenVPN Gw2Gw site-to-site problem - MantisBT
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0003135: OpenVPN Gw2Gw site-to-site problem
I have configured two EFW 2.4 in two sites, being one as OpenVPN server and Gw2Gw Client (Office) and the other one as OpenVPN Server (Main). The connection has been established and I can ping any machine inside the Main from the EFW console & desktop in Office.
But i can`t ping (RDP and others protocols don`t work) any machine inside the Office from the EFW console & desktop in Main lan.
I push the lan`s networks in both EFW in advanced options of OpenVPN Server and create VPN traffic rules in VPN Firewall
I try to add new connection gw2gw from Main to Office, they established but traffic from Main to Office don`t .
I make commands
sh /etc/upgrade/upgrade.d/migration
I read all posts about VPN in ( [^])......
No results.
I can't know why??
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2010-09-13 13:38   
Hi Igorian,

Both sites should be configured as Gw2Gw.

If you do a traceroute from one of the clients in Main to an ipaddress in Office where does it go to.
Does it go out through the gateway or the ipaddress assigned to the openvpn connection ?

It looks like only one side of the Gw2Gw connection is established.
2010-09-13 16:31   
Also, can you post a route print of both main and office ?
2010-09-14 08:01   
Hi baldy.
I configured both sites as Gw2Gw and make rules for VPN traffic in both firewalls but it don`t work. Traffic goes only to one direction from Office to Main.
Sorry but,i can`t print routes and tracerts, because now i configure VPN IPSec in both firewalls.
Sorry for my English.
2010-09-14 08:06   

Should be no need to configure rules for VPN traffic.
If OpenVPN is configured correctly all traffic is automatically allowed between sites.
2010-09-14 09:03   
> If OpenVPN is configured correctly all traffic is automatically allowed
> between sites.

I don't think so.. vpn firewall can block traffic between vpn clients
2010-09-14 10:12   
If the firewall is configured. Out of the box all traffic is allowed over VPN.

Issue described looks like one of the sides does not connect so routes are not pushed/updated correctly.
2010-09-14 10:33   
could be this: [^]
2010-09-20 13:55   
close, since target is reconfigured -> no chance to debug