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0003186: Migration between xen hosts crashes efw - MantisBT
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0003186Endian FirewallXenpublic2010-10-18 11:482010-10-18 11:48
0003186: Migration between xen hosts crashes efw
efw as a hvm machine would work fine. We can migrate the hvm from one xen cluster node to an other without any problems. Also Live-Migration works fine.

Now we use the PAE Kernel for setup the efw as pvm machines because it is faster and really paravirtualized instead of emulation with hvm.

Normal boot and runnning as pvm is no problem and works fine. But if we try to migrate a running efw from one cluster node to an other the efw works no longer after the migration. Same with normal and live migration.

Can´t troubleshoot this very good because after a migration there is no communication possible to the vm. Also a xm console doesn´t give any response. A migration back to the origin cluster node does not solve the problem. Only a xm destroy and create it again solve the problem. And this is like a hard reboot.
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