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0003188: more than one kernel - MantisBT
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0003188Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2010-10-18 15:012010-10-18 18:06
0003188: more than one kernel
Currently Endian have problems if you install more than one kernel, basically the grub stuff is not created.

This is a problem in case of broken kernels, devel kernels or hardware incompatibility and may prevent the system boot.
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2010-10-18 18:06   
this happens on older versions which has been upgraded, correct?

starting with 2.4 it should not be possible anymore to install more than 1 kernel, smart will remove the old one.

with old versions which have been upgraded smart is still in multiple-version mode.

however.. that grub.conf is not updated correctly is new to me. this always worked correctly and have it also seen on my (older) system, that multiple grub entries have been created correctly.

can you give me access to such a system where this happened?