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0003214: Update Postgrey - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0003214Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2010-10-22 13:232010-10-25 14:57
0003214: Update Postgrey
Current Postgrey version on Endian is 1.32, latest is 1.33.

This uses the latest whitelist for mailservers which do not handle greylisting properly.

Available here [^]
   - fix warning with IPv6 address (Edwin Kremer)
   - added --x-greylist-header option (Guido Leisker)
   - contrib/postgrey.init: new LSB-compliant init script by Adrian von Bidder
   - contrib/postgreyreport: fix POD error (Christian Perrier)
   - contrib/postgreyreport: added --tab and --show_time options (Leonard den
   - updated whitelist

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