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0000323: something eats last digit of RED_IPS of an uplink settings file - MantisBT
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0000323Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2007-11-20 14:532007-12-31 19:11
0000323: something eats last digit of RED_IPS of an uplink settings file
A script, interface editor, network wizard, upliniks scripts, uplinksdaemon or uplinks migration script eats the last digit of RED_IPS.

It happens multiple times that for example went to, which of course breaks things hardly.

I assume it must be the migration script, but that's not sure.

Also the CIDR variable sometimes went's empty, which is also causes the uplink not to come up anymore.

Not sure if this happens only after migration of all the time.
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2007-12-31 15:05raphael-endianFixed in Version2.2-beta1 => 2.2-beta2
2007-12-31 19:11raphael-endianStatusresolved => closed

2007-12-10 16:42   
most probably this was because of chop instead of chomp within readhash() in
if it was that, this issue is fixed.