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0003259: Kernel panic after upgrade to 2.4.1, kernel module mptsas is missing - MantisBT
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0003259Endian FirewallHardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)public2010-11-06 01:582010-11-15 07:24
0003259: Kernel panic after upgrade to 2.4.1, kernel module mptsas is missing
I did an efw-upgrade today from a running 2.3 installation. After reboot the maschine stopped with kernel panic "ERROR opening /dev/console"
I did a fresh installation of version 2.4 RESPIN on the machine, which was running fine. After efw-upgrade and reboot I ran into the same error.

I found a warning in the efw-upgrade process:
Output from kernel-3:
WARNING: No module mptsas found for kernel, continuing anyway

I checked /etc/modprobe.conf which shows:
alias scsi_hostadapter ata_piix
alias eth e1000e
alias scsi_hostadapter mptsas
alias eth tg3

When I run "find / -name mpt*" on the 2.4.0 version I get:

After updating to 2.4.1 I get from "find / -name mpt*"

So I believe the kernel panic is a result of the missing mptsas module in the new kernel release.
Dell PowerEdge 860
with Dell SAS 5 Host Bus Adapter (RAID1)
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2010-11-12 15:56   
Hello Marc,

the ISO of the version 2.4.1 has been released.

The problem which causes this problem has been fixed.

You will find it on

Thanks a lot
2010-11-15 00:33   
I've tested the 2.4.1 ISO, the controller is now detected and the mptsas module is showing up. I've also tested the update process, it installs a mptsas module now.
Thank you!
2010-11-15 07:24   
Hi Marc,

we are happy that now the system works as expected!

Thanks a lot for your support and tests!