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0003266: Expired Leases - MantisBT
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0003266Endian FirewallDHCP Serverpublic2010-11-08 08:312013-09-24 09:04
0003266: Expired Leases
Expired DHCP leases are never cleared from Endian Firewall.
I have leases from August 2010 still appearing in the web-interface.
The only way i can clear them is to edit or delete the dhcpd.leases file in /var/efw/dhcp

Can a feature be added so that we can choose how long to keep expired leases (1 week, 2 weeks, etc..)?
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2010-11-23 07:34   
An option to clear all dynamic leases regardless of age would also be much appreciated.
2010-11-23 10:06   
Hi gmar_87,

In "Services" >> "DHCP serer", if you click on the "+" sign, you should be able to set the leases for the DHCP ...

Does a reconfiguration of these setup solve the problem?

Thanks in advance!

2010-11-24 09:19   
Hi Lo,

I have tried re-entering the configuration and saving settings but an old lease is still shown. Here is my dhcpd.conf, minus the fixed leases i have setup:


ddns-update-style none;
deny bootp;
option wpad code 252 = text;

shared-network GREEN {
    interface br0;
    subnet netmask {
        pool {
            deny dynamic bootp clients;
        default-lease-time 3600;
        max-lease-time 7200;
        option subnet-mask;
          option domain-name "GMAR";
          option routers;
          option wpad ""; [^]
          option domain-name-servers;


As you can see, the max lease time is 120 minutes. After 120 minutes the lease still appears on this page, but the "Lease expires (local time d/m/y)" column shows and strike through the time stamp. See screenshot attached.
2010-12-03 13:27   
Hi gmar_87,

I can confirm that the leases stay there even when expired; I think that this aspect should be improved :-)

Thanks for providing this hint to us!

2013-09-24 09:04   
Hi guys to clear the dhcp lease information just remove the file "dhcp lease" and "dhcp lease~" in "/var/lib/dhcp". And refresh the web interface....