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0003267: not found problem and high cpu load - MantisBT
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0003267Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2010-11-08 09:202012-09-07 14:53
0003267: not found problem and high cpu load
 The RRDFIX Script delete every 5 minutes all the .rrd files, ok. In
 this case the script get an error:
 ERROR: opening '/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host': No such file or directory

 Result: The System Load goes over 4.00 for 3 minutes:>(

 I delete the DIRS
 DIRS="/var/log/rrd/ /var/lib/collectd/rrd/"
 And now the system runs with 0,6. Perfect.

 Is this OK?

Please refer also to this topic on : [^]

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2010-11-08 10:30   
I think the rrdfix script should not run every 5 minutes. I check this now.
2010-11-08 13:47   
In deed it is in cron.cyclic and from crontab, and run every 5 min:
&nolog */5 * * * * [ -x /bin/run-parts ] && run-parts --report /etc/cron.cyclic

cron.cyclic :
# cat /etc/cron.cyclic/makegraphs

[ -x /usr/local/bin/ ] && /usr/local/bin/ >/dev/null
/usr/local/bin/ >/dev/null
exit 0

2010-11-11 17:03   
ok. you are right.Then for now we should exclude the ntop directory. It's to big for check that directory every 5 minutes.
2010-11-24 09:14   
Hello ra,

I'm looking now to a system, and it gaves me :
ERROR: opening '/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host': No such file or directory
ERROR: opening '/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host': No such file or directory

And if we remove the /var/ntop dir from the script then the files under that directory will be not deleted.
i executed the script and under the /var/ntop directory the file count is the same:
# for i in ntop; do echo -n "$i: "; find $i -type f | wc -l; done
ntop: 8201
i suppose that after the error, the script don't check that directory any more..
Other update, i found the problem i think..
indeed there is no /var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host directory but is:

root@endian:/var/ntop/rrd/flows # cd Host\ Last\ Seen/
root@endian:/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host Last Seen #

# ls -acl
total 16
drwx------ 4 ntop ntop 4096 Nov 15 17:02 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 ntop ntop 4096 Mar 16 2010 ..
drwx------ 2 ntop ntop 4096 Nov 15 17:02 Host Last Seen
drwx------ 2 ntop ntop 4096 Nov 15 17:02 ICMP Watch

i think the problem will be the same with ICMP Watch also because the directory name is splitted.

the solution would be modifying the script to be able to check directories like /var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host Last Seen # or ntop creating 1 named directories..

2010-11-25 11:01   
hi ardit,

i have done some tests and on my machine this problem never arises.

on which hardware the software is running?

thanks a lot!

2010-11-25 12:06   
hi lo :)
please check the mail,

2010-11-26 16:30   
hi lo,
I also verified on some systems (specially mini) that when ntop is on the CPU shows 100% almost all the time, and i think there is some impact when the script is automatically executed then it runs on the memory all the time..

You can check this thread on efw-support for more info, because different users reported this with the community edition as well. [^]

2010-12-02 09:15   
Hello ardit,

this problem has been fixed in the last update :)

let me know if the problem persists!

have a nice day

2011-02-24 09:52   
root@biofw:~ #
ERROR: opening '/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host': No such file or directory
ERROR: opening '/var/ntop/rrd/flows/Host': No such file or directory

another system
2011-02-24 10:02   
Hi ardit!

as said, the problem exists and we are sure about that.

Now, I will work hard in order to reproduce it, because up to now it arises in an unpredictable way.

Thanks for testing & happy hacking

2011-03-16 09:45   
We have to release the fix for 2.3 :)
2012-09-07 14:33   
Hi Guys

i've the same problem on a 2.5 x86
i see that when the rrdfix cron in /etc/cron.cyclic starts CPU shows 100% almost all the time.
I have notice that the problem is NTOP folder (/var/ntop)that is 1.4 GB and script uses about 4 minutes to be completed and coronjob start every 5 minutes.
2012-09-07 14:36   
Sorry, i would add that i have no "file not found" problem but "only" CPU high workload problem.