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0003269: Openvpn push buffer (512) has been exceeded - MantisBT
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0003269Endian FirewallOpenVPN Client and Serverpublic2010-11-08 14:252010-11-22 11:51
0003269: Openvpn push buffer (512) has been exceeded
Currently with openvpn 2.1_rc15 we are limited when pushing routes to the client's, and this limit is exceeded when we use *more* routes.

On this firewall (Macro) this message keep parsing on the openvpn logs:

" Maximum length of --push buffer (512) has been exceeded. Send as chunks. Old clients will accept only the last chunk "

Actually the variable PUSH_BUNDLE_SIZE should be set to 2048 (or bigger) on common.h

2.1_rc20 changelog includes:

* Eliminated the limitation on the number of options that can be pushed
  to clients, including routes. Previously, all pushed options needed
  to fit within a 1024 byte options string.

I think you should go for the rc20 (if this don't cause other problems) or above. (2.1.3 stable)
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related to 0002949closed peter-endian OpenVPN version is old 2.1rc15 
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2010-11-08 14:28   
PS; the impact is that not all routes are pushed to the client, and this is more evident when on the firewall are connected different users.
2010-11-08 14:47   
On bigger networks it's better to push only global routes containing a large network like
Any connection from clients to 10.X.X.X goes to the vpn concentrator and any smaller network mask overrides the large one.

And you are right,we are working now upgrading openvpn to the latest version.
2010-11-09 09:05   
We have upgraded openvpn to the latest stable version.