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0003487: anti-spyware dns redirects to a wrong ip - MantisBT
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0003487Endian FirewallProxy - DNSpublic2011-02-17 13:312011-05-04 12:17
0003487: anti-spyware dns redirects to a wrong ip
root@kenny:/var/efw/dnsmasq/default # cat settings

Port 80 on this ip returns a time out error..

Then you get crazy to understand why a domain doesn't work
(like what happened with

the new ip is:

*** Possible solution ***

Instead of a fixed ip

root@kenny:/etc/dnsmasq # cat blackholedns.conf.tmpl
#for $domain in $spywaredomains
  #if $DNSMASQ_BLACKHOLE=='redirect':
  #end if
#end for

I would resolve the each time
host is an alias for has address

And returns in case of failure.
duplicate of 0003483feedback lorenzo-endian Http proxy error 110 connection timed out 
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