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0003501: HAVP on content filter crashes and SMTP Proxy stops processing messages - MantisBT
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0003501Endian FirewallProxy SMTPpublic2011-02-24 19:252012-07-30 19:53
0003501: HAVP on content filter crashes and SMTP Proxy stops processing messages
I would put this along with Bugs 0003221 and 0003362. If AV scan is enabled in the content filter, memory usage will increase and eventually HAVP will crash. Once this happends, the SMTP Proxy will stop processing mail. If I disable AV, restart the Proxys, I can flush mail Q and everything returns to normal. My config was the same in 2.4.
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2012-07-30 19:53   
hi bhausmann,

in the 2.5 we have updated both clamav and havp .... a lot of bugfixes are contained in the new pkgs, even some patches for the memory leaks and similar stuffs.

does the problem exist on 2.5?

thanks a lot!